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Tojiro Aogami Damaskus Sammlung

Each knife in this series of hochgradige Japanese style knives is carefully made one at a time by Schmieden high quality cutting steel by the same techniques used in making Japanische Schwerter. The blade features a schön wave pattern and creates brillant cuts that complement the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Klinge is in accordance with traditional technique of Japanisch swordsmithing, putting Aogami Stahl - Ein premium carbon steel – in core, forge weiches Eisen on äußere layers over and over. Blade acquired excellent Schärfe und Rand Beibehaltung.

Griff is made by Japanese Magnolienholz, which has good Wasserbeständigkeit und glätten Oberfläche.

Water buffalo ferrule prevents blade from rasseln und kommen aus.